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The ever increasing demand of mission critical wireless voice, data, and video communications has generated more requests form government sectors, public safety, transport, logistics, construction, mining, EMS industries, which has driven the need to find more efficient ways to use the limited resources.
The advanced broadband Push-To-Talk solution has integrated the narrowband radio’s features and broadband multiple-media services. It’s helps end-users to build reliable and helpful connection without coverage issue in all over the world. Whatever the use scenario is, we can fully fulfill with your demand.
Flexible and Compatible Selections from 3rd Party Application Partners
Instant Communication
         Private Call - To call and talk privately with a specific user

Group call‐ Communicate one-to-many in the same group

Dynamic group conference – allow selected members to have conference in a dynamic group

 Dispatcher call-Various type of calls could be activated between dispatch console and group members
Multimedia Services
Text messaging

 Photo & video uploading

Live video sharing
Location Services
Real time GPS location

Live Location tracking
Emergency Services
Lone worker
Man Down
Telo Systems is engaged in providing versatile and high quality telo broadband Push-To-Talk terminal lineup to customers around the world. Ranged from entry level to high tier, the Telo terminals together with feature rich 3rd party POC platform are meeting different customer’s demands from various sectors, such as private security, public safety, utilities, transportation, logistics and health care, etc.
Smart design, but radio mind, Telo terminals have gained popularity from both mobile workforce and traditional two way radio users.
Broadband Push-To-Talk Terminal Design
  • Dedicated PTT Button
  • Radio Grade Audio
  • Convenient Channel Knob
  • Diversified accessory compatibility
  • High quality IP rating

Business Productivity
  • Supporting LTE/4G,3G,2G,WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Build-in antenna & OLED display
  • Compact size enables one-handed operation
  • 3600mAh large capacity battery
  • Durability IP67, up to 1.5m drop test
  • NFC feature supports 3rd party application integration

Business Critical
  • Supporting LTE/4G,3G,2G,WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Compact size enables one-handed operation
  • Removable high-capacity battery
  • IP67 rating to withstand dust and water
  • 2W speaker provides loud voice

Stronger Chipset, Classic Make
  • IP67
  • Android 8.1 Operating System
  • Multiple Location Service, GPS/GLONASS/AGPS
  • Screen: 3.1, Resolution: 800*480dpi WVGA

Mission Critical
  • Supporting LTE/4G,3G,2G,WiFi & Bluetooth
  • High visibility in direct sunlight
  • Rugged design with IP68 & water-proof
  • 4200mAh large capacity battery
  • NFC feature supports 3rd party application integration

Vehicular Dedicated
  • Supporting LTE/4G,3G,2G,WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Abundant multimedia services with build-in camera
  • GPS tracking with dedicated button
  • Android OS with various APK selections
  • Extra loud and clear voice

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